Aka - British Grain Vodka 70cl Bottle

£ 32.22

Secrets unveiled: The Secret British Vodka also known as Aka Vodka, probably the best kept secret in Great Britain, can finally be enjoyed by all (who dare). Unmistakably British; AKA is decadent, but with an air of sixties pop. Elegant and sophisticated, with a retro touch. A deliciously smooth, 100% British Grain spirit vodka. Ideal for the perfect Vodka Martini, be it shaken or stirred, or fantastically refreshing with tonic! AKA Distillation: Created from 100% British grain spirit AKA is distilled 5 times in continuous stills to achieve the purist quality, then 50% of the spirit is re-distilled in our pot-still in the heart of London, adding depth and roundness and a delicious creaminess to the final spirit. Long and exceptionally smooth, making AKA unique and irresistible.

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