Grand Brulot - Coffee Infused Cognac 70cl Bottle

£ 39.79

Grand Brulot revives a 200+ year old French tradition where rich Coffee was blended with Cognac to create an exquisite tasting drink: The Brult. The legend of Caf Brlot extends back to New Orleans in the early 1800s and the infamous Jean Lafitte. Whether or not the French pirate actually created the first pairing of caf and cognac is a question that may never be answered. But the legend absolutely lives in todays after-dinner Caf Brlot tradition in the finest French Quarter restaurants. Grand Brulot is hand-crafted by the Tardy family on their estate located in the Cognac region of France. Cellar master Christoph Tardy, a fifth-generation Cognac producer, meticulously selects the finest eaux de vie to craft a unique VSOP Cognac which is blended with Ecuadorian 100% Robusta coffee beans selected for their concentrated richness. The blend is then aged in French oak barrels to allow the melding of flavour notes over time. **Awards:** Gold - Best Tasting Spirits 2020

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