1904 Cockburn's Vintage Port 1904 (Decanted Selection) 5cls

£ 49.97

So that customers can appreciate very old vintage ports, vintagewinegifts have rebottled and recorked a small selection of classic vintage ports for you to enjoy. This bottling is a 5cl bottle of 1904 Cockburn's vintage port. The port is "a very deep mahogany colour, still with a glint of red; rich, smoky aromas, still quite dense and showing the ripeness of the vintage, it may be the stage in the tasting but did I get a whiff of potato then candy floss? Very rich and voluptuous in style, licorice and dark chocolate, still structured and tannic." PLEASE NOTE THIS BOTTLE SIZE IS 5CLS OR 1/14 OF A NORMAL BOTTLE SIZE. This vintage port is shipped in a deluxe silk lined wooden presentation box with four wine accessories (corkscrew, wine pourer, drip stopper & wine thermometer) [worth £17.99] at no extra cost and now includes a free gift card with your personal message and tasting and storage notes.

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