Taylors - Historical Edition Reserve Tawny Port 75cl Bottle

£ 27.99

This Reserve Tawny Port was created exclusively for this limited edition. It was carefully blended from the finest wood aged Ports specially selected from extensive Aged Tawny reserves maturing in Taylors lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia. It has the smoothness and rich, mellow flavour which are the hallmarks of an Aged Tawny Port. With its harmony and balance, it is a fine example of the blenders skill and owes its intensity and finesse to long ageing in seasoned oak casks. In the early 18th century, bottles were hand blown and bulbous in shape. They could not be laid on their sides and were therefore unsuitable for long term ageing. Instead, they were used mainly to convey the wine from the wine merchants cask to the consumers table. Because bottles were expensive, they were re-used and often displayed the crest or initials of their owner. This bottle was inspired by the chestnut shaped wine bottles manufactured in England between about 1715 and 1740. In Britain, where they were used mainly in the 1720s and early 1730s, these flagon shaped wine bottles were relatively unusual but their use in continental Europe was more widespread. The particular variant on which this limited edition bottle was based, with its narrow oval profile, is often described as having a flat chestnut shape. These chestnut bottles were often larger than the earlier onion bottles or the more cylindrical types that followed them.

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