Four Pillars - Chardonnay Barrel Gin 50cl Bottle

£ 42.83

A balanced, sippable drink. Enjoy neat or on the rocks, or over one piece of ice with a drop of honey. As with previous releases, the preserved ginger character (thanks to the cardamom) is amazing and sits nicely with crushed coriander and preserved citrus notes. The oak continues to contribute to colour and sweetness, weight and texture. This is the seventh solera release from the original chardonnay barrel solera. These barrels were originally used for maturing Yarra Valley Chardonnay for six to eight years prior to being filled with Rare Dry Gin. These barrels were filled on Christmas Eve 2013 and have never been fully emptied. Today this solera has grown from 2 barrels to 9, and this latest release has had a full year in barrel. The botanical oils have developed and changed dramatically, whilst still remaining distinctively gin. The juniper base has become resin-y in texture, while the spices show developed intensity and fragrance. .

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