Virgin Gorda - British Caribbean Rum 70cl Bottle

£ 34.70

Appearence: brilliant and golden. Nose: beautifully intense with natural vanilla notes from wood and creamy toffee aromas. Palate: full-bodied, with an initial sweetness followed by the rich Bourbon-like tastiness of vanilla. Smooth and incredibly long. Virgin Gorda explores the most sensual side of the Caribbean. Crafted from the highest quality, purist British Caribbean sugar cane. Every stage methodically carried-out (nobody is in a hurry here, even the canes are chilled-out) to enhance your Caribbean experience. A perfeclyt balanced blend of rums from Trinidad, Barbados and Jamaica with a distinguishable flavour and absolutely free from colour, aroma our flavour additives. The re-birth of rum in the birthplace of rums.

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