Alnwick Rum Company - Golden Spiced 70cl Bottle

£ 32.26

The Golden Spiced provides a fresh new and unique lease of life to the spiced rum market. The Legendary Alnwick Rum is blended with Alnwick White knight rum. Diluted to a smooth 40% with pure water taken from the foothills of Northumberland giving it that extra bit of local provenance. To give it that distinctive golden-spiced taste ginger, black pepper, orange & lemon & lime are used in the mix. There is a small hint of vanilla but it's used more like a thickening agent than a flavour. This unique mixture creates a rich blend of mixed spices and citrus aroma, almost like a spiced fruitcake. Its deep dark flavours of spice and orange give hints of complexity and sophistication like a burnished wood. A very full-bodied drink with a smooth spiced after burn enjoyed on the rocks or in a long drink.

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